Sandwich Pack Process

Following on from my previous blog post “Tayto and King Personalised Sandwich Packs” this shows the process in making these packs.

Tayto Packets

Each pack contains:

  •  a personalised label of your choice
  •  1 packet of crisps
  •  2 slices of fresh Brennan’s Bread
  •  2 butters
  •  1 plastic knife
  •  1 napkin

On placing your order, you can choose any wording and image on the personalised label attached to the quality sealed packs containing all items above.

Tayto Sandwich Packs

Here at Occasions and Delights, I make and place each personalised label on the sandwich packs, add a napkin, packet of crisps, two butters and 1 plastic knife in each pack.

The above is usually done the week of your occasion and then the morning of your event only the freshest of Brennan’s Bread is used with protective gloves to ensure health and safety for all your guests.

The packs are then sealed and delivered to your venue to wow and surprise your guests. The packs can be used for any special occasion or corporate event.

Prices from:

  • €2.20 each (minimum order 18)
  • €2 each for 30 or more packs
  • €1.95 for 100 or more packs

For more information, please send me on your event/occasion, date, guests attending, venue and items required.



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