Packages for Communions and Confirmations 2018

As we all know Communion & Confirmation celebrations are a very special day for families and for the celebrant child so for these special events I have created the following packages along with a list of what’s available in quantities of your choice:

Package One

10 personalised square candy bags

10 personalised small chocolate bars

(Free – 10 personalised mini love hearts)


Package Two

Choice of hiring excluding sweets of the vintage small candy ferris wheel, candy pick n mix tray, table top sweet stall with plastic jars or the post boxes (Free candy bags in choice of colour worth €5 with sweet hiring items)


Package Three

10 personalised candy cone bags

10 personalised small chocolate bars

(Free – 10 personalised mini love hearts)



Package Four

15 personalised candy cone bags

15 personalised small chocolate bars

(Free – 15 personalised mini love hearts)



Package Five

10 personalised communion/confirmation goodie boxes



Package Six

20 personalised candy cone bags

20 personalised small chocolate bars

(Free – 20 personalised mini love hearts)



Package Seven

25 personalised square candy cone bags

25 personalised small chocolate bars

25 personalised bottles of water

25 personalised mini love hearts



Also available for Communions/Confirmations in quantities of your choice are:

  • Personalised mini love hearts 50cent
  • Personalised square candy bags €1
  • Personalised bottles of water €1
  • Personalised chocolate lollipops €1.50
  • Personalised small chocolate bars €1.50
  • Personalised tayto/king sandwich packs €1.95-€2.20
  • Personalised candy cone bags €2
  • Personalised large chocolate bars €3
  • Personalised goodie boxes €7
  • Personalised medium candles €8
  • Potted sweet trees €20-€35
  • Alternative guest books €18-€35

It’s your child’s special event so make it stand out from the rest.

Please get in touch if you would like to purchase any of the above packages/items.



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