Ice Pops for grown ups, perfect for summer hen parties and an alternative to arrival drinks at a summer wedding


When you think Aldi can’t get any better they come up with these “Alcohol Popsicles”. The new popsicles are called Gianni’s Alcoholic Ice Popsicles.

Giannis Alcohol Ice Popsicles

There are two different flavours to choose from Gin & Tonic Popsicles or Prosecco & Peach Bellini Popsicles. They come in a box of 4 for only €3.50.

Ice Popsicles

Each 80ml Gin & Tonic Popsicle contains 11% Gin. Each 80ml Peach & Prosecco Bellini Popsicle contains 38% Prosecco and 18% Peach Puree from concentrate. These frozen treats are a gamechanger and are 4.5 percent ABV (the same as most beers), so they will give you a welcomed buzz.

Prosecco & Peach Bellini and Gin & Tonic

How great would these be for a summer hen party or even an alternative to arrival drinks at a summer wedding reception. Serious ideas and inspiration here ladies.

I shall be buying some to try out for BBQ season. Let me know the verdict ladies and if you choose to have them at your hen or wedding.




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