Bespoke heavy steel post boxes


I hire out the above bespoke heavy steel post boxes which were made by my talented hubby. They are a unique idea to keep your cards safe. These post boxes are a safe and secure way to look after your cards leaving you to get on with your special occasion to meet and greet your guests. These post boxes come with lock and key so only you will have access to the post box on your special day. Also, free personalised message attached on front of the post box for your special occasion.

Advantages of our steel post boxes:

¤ They are heavy steel secure post boxes weighing

cream post box is 27kg

green post box is 24kg

white post box is 20kg

pink post box is 16kg

¤ It’s recommended as so many of the bridal party are left with big bundles of cards and no where to place them so at least everyone knows where to put the cards then no one is left minding bundles of cards and feeling the pressure of minding them all day leaving them and you to get on with the day.

¤ If you feel uncertain about a post box on display then place one out of sight behind the top table or behind the reception as it keeps all the cards together but only you the bridal couple have access.

¤ Also if you feel that your guests might think “oh there expecting money” when they see a post box well we always write on our post box message attached “Thank you for your cards, gifts and well wishes” as not everyone can afford it and their presence and well wishes in the cards can be treasured for a lifetime and looked at after your big day and that it’s not always about the gift.

¤ Your venue can then take the post box that evening with a member of the bridal party into a safe overnight and most venues will do this as let’s be honest there’s bound to be a monetary gift in at least one of the cards.

¤ Having a post box will then ensure there are no accusations flying around if it becomes apparent that a card is missing which unfortunately can happen maybe not on purpose but accidental as cards can be left down or misplaced.


Hope the above points on our post boxes are helpful and anyone that has hired our bespoke heavy steel post boxes have highly rated them as they are so handy for the parents and bridal party and even the guests to just pop in their cards to the post box known they are safe and allows all to enjoy the day. Also, hotels and venues have told us they were so handy as they hadn’t to be going back and forth to a safe all night known that the cards were safe in the post box.

Decorated Post Box

 Thank you for taking the time to read all about our bespoke heavy steel post boxes, if you wish to hire any of our post boxes please get in touch.




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